Monday, March 18, 2013

The Tsugaru Channel - The 2013 Season

The Oceans Seven includes 2 channels in the UK (North Channel and English Channel), 1 channel in Oceania (Cook Strait), 1 channel in the Mediterranean (Strait of Gibraltar), and 3 channels in the Pacific Ocean (Catalina Channel, Molokai Channel, Tsugaru Channel).

Like every channel around the world, there is a growing number of swimmers challenging themselves against the elements.

Not only are an unprecedented number of foreign swimmers heading over to the Tsugaru Channel, but also an increase in Japanese swimmers including disabled athletes, are heading up north to Aomori Prefecture.

This is the schedule to date of the 2-day windows of various solo swimmers and relays held under the auspices of the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association and Ocean Navi:

June 29th and 30th: Pending confirmation
July 1st and 2nd: Brad McVetta (USA)
July 13th and 14th: Team Ocean-navi #1 (Japan)
July 15th and 16th: Team Ocean-navi #2 (Japan)
July 30th and 31st: Team Kaio (Japan)
August 1st and 2nd: Team Hatto (Japan)
August 12th and 13th: Adam Walker (UK)
August 14th and 15th: Yesenia Cabrera (Guatemala)
August 28th and 29th: Team Matsukawa (Japan)
September 10th and 11th: Chris Kraus, Rick Gaenzle and Brian Ross
September 12th and 13th: Mo Siegel (USA)
September 24th and 25th: Santosh Patil (India)

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