Monday, August 26, 2013

Team Umiou Completes Tsugaru Channel Crossing

From their start on Hokkaido to their finish on the rocky beach on the main island of Honshu, Team Umiou (海王うみおう》) was a bunch of very happy, very grateful, always smiling masters swimmers.

Team Umiou of Tokyo was a 6-person relay team of masters open water swimmers who completed their 12 hours 45 minute crossing of the Tsugaru Channel in Japan under the watchful eye of Captain Mizushima.

Their crossing was never easy and never guarantee, but they kept on smiling and cheering each other on as they started at 4:07 am on July 30th and finished at 4:52 pm in the 21-24ºF (69.8-75.2ºC) waters. Their north-to-south crossing was anything but linear as they were bounced around by the turbulence and were swung laterally by the strong Tsugaru Current. But they kept on course, never lost faith, and finished with their characteristic smiles.

Its members included Tomokazu Sakurai (櫻井智和), Nobu Arihisa (有久暢), Yuko Isozaki (礒崎祐子), Shinpei Kamata (鎌田慎平), Fujiko Kawasaki (川崎富士子), and Motoko Honma (本間素子).

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