Thursday, September 15, 2016

Elizabeth Fry Heads North To Hokkaido

Courtesy of WOWSA, Huntington Beach, California.

Elizabeth Fry trailblazed another channel to add another notch in her illustrious International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame career.

Fry, a 57-year-old financial services expert from New York, took off from the eastern peninsula of Honshu, the main island of Japan, and landed in Toi on the southern cape of Hokkaido, the northernmost major island of the Japanese archipelago after a tough 15 hours 48 minutes.

The Tsugaru Channel with only 19.5 km separating Honshu island from Hokkaido is a deceptively difficult strait to cross with its relentless winds, notorious currents and unpredictable eddies. "I was in shock as I had no idea how bad the current was," said Fry.

Her zig-zag crossing took her across the Tsugaru Current. "I am happy I never looked back." Compared to times of her other marathon swims and channel crossings, tackling the Tsugaru was indeed a challenge:

2016: Tsugaru Channel Honshu-to-Hokkaido, 15 hours 48 minutes (19.5 km)
2016: Molokai Channel tandem swim, 17 hours 30 minutes (42 km)
2016: Catalina Channel, 12 hours 37 minutes (32.5 km)
2015: English Channel, 12 hours 15 minutes (32.5 km)
2015: S.C.A.R. Canyon Lake, 7 hours 27 minutes (28.8 km)
2015: S.C.A.R. Saguaro Lake, 7 hours 32 minutes (30.4 km)
2015: S.C.A.R. Apache Lake, 15 hours 47 minutes (54.6 km)
2015: S.C.A.R. Roosevelt Lake, 6 hours 18 minutes (20 km)
2013: Round Jersey: 9 hours 33 minutes (65.9 km)
2011: English Channel two-way, 13 hours 20 minutes (34 km EF) and 11 hours 20 minutes (34 km FE)
2011: In Search of Memphre (Lake Memphremagog), 13 hours 25 minutes (40.2 km)
2011: Ederle Swim two-way, 11 hours 5 minutes (56.3 km)
2009: Manhattan Island clockwise, 11 hours 41 minutes (45.8 km)
2008: English Channel, 12 hours 1 minutes (34 km)
2007: English Channel, 11 hours 11 minutes (34 km)
2005: Catalina Channel, 8 hours 56 minutes (32.5 km)
2003: English Channel, 9 hours 5 minutes (34 km)

Upper photo shows her course from Honshu to Toi, Hokkaido. Lower photo shows Liz Fry with her sister Peggy Gaskill on the escort boat in the Tsugaru Channel.

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