Saturday, August 4, 2018

Three's Company In Japan

Video courtesy of Matt Miller, Tsugaru Channel, Japan.

On July 20th, Aleisha Riboldi from Australia, Lisa Batey from the USA, and Youri Lavoine from France completed a three-person relay across the Tsugaru Channel.

Similar to starts in the Catalina Channel, escort pilot Captain Mizushima has been starting swimmers near midnight, requiring the channel swimmers in the Far East to swim through the night.

Observer Masayuki Moriya said, "They started at 11:30 pm in the 22°C water near Honshu and finished at 5:59 pm the next day in slightly cooler (18°C) waters near Hokkaido for a total time of 18 hours 29 minutes 42 seconds in a fairly calm crossing, but they were slowed by the Tsugaru Current."

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