Thursday, September 26, 2019

Jonathan Ratcliffe Crossed The Tsugaru Channel First In 2019

Courtesy of Channel Swim Japan, Tsugaru Channel, Japan.

45-year-old Jonathan Ratcliffe from the United Kingdom flew halfway around the world and became the first successful Tsugaru Channel swimmer of the 2019 summer season when he crossed in 11 hours 0 minutes on July 19th.

The Tsugaru Channel crossing was his 5th Oceans Seven channel crossing to date:
* August 2016, he completed a 33.5 km crossing of the English Channel from England to France in 11 hours 59 minutes
* July 2017, he completed a 35 km crossing of the North Channel from Northern Ireland to Scotland in 14 hours 41 minutes
* August 2018, he completed a 42 km crossing of the Molokai Channel from Molokai to Oahu in Hawaii in 14 hours 9 minutes
* April 2019, he completed a 14.4 km crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Morocco in 4 hours 3 minutes
* July 2019, he completed a 19.5 km crossing of the Tsugaru Channel from Honshu to Hokkaido in 11 hours 7 minutes

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